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"There is no downside to being more positive!" Dave Faust

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"Making Positive Thinking Work" is a three session program to help organizations create a 'Best Place to Work' environment by creating a more optimistic and positive culture.


One of the biggest challenges business leaders face is how to reduce or eliminate workplace negativity and build on a culture of optimism and positivity. This series of workshops teaches people how to actively engage positivity in the workplace, at home and in their lives.


As we have said many times before, "There is no downside to being more positive." The upside for individuals and organizations is unlimited. Begin to experience the effects of having positive thinking work and watch people and situations change. Organizations become more competitive, cooperative and profitable. People become happier, more creative and more resilient. Positive thinking is the difference maker between good companies and great companies and between good leaders and great leaders.


Put these best business practice tools to work for your company and life.


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Stonehouse Resources is your attitude adjusting,

stress relieving, baggage handling,

positive thinking, life changing resource

for individuals and organizations.

Cowboy Dave leading a positive thinking workshop Cowboy Dave leading a positive thinking workshop

'Change Your Thinking...Change Your Life' Workshop from 'The Series'